Friday, July 2, 2010

Reviewing Konecto Floors

Do not think your family can care enough hardwood floor? Several very attractive areavailable, a few ideas, not vinyl floor, especially

Konecto vinyl sheet flooring and subway.
The photo shows the right side of their heritage. You can hear that the lock click floors are easy to install, but this one is easy! Konetco is a floating plastic floor, plastic, without floating floor with lock system differently than other types of connections.

Konecto hardwood floors to give it all to see in the forest. Always wanted to be hardwood floors to the bathroom to run? Do not have a problem. This is a complete waterproof floating floor, as it first. Konetco also decided that a troubled construction industry is the use of lightweight concrete problems. It is not glued!

Product line provides a valuable, national and Sierra Leone. Color Select Run from the look of Maple Leaf village looks like butter. All the timber is 48 cm in length and 6 inches wide. Watch the following video products.

Unlike Konetco, Antico for a deep rich colors of hardwood cabinet, teak, rosewood, cherry, rosewood, black nut, Elm and types of substances. Herring, random planks, and even the ship's deck theme can be.
Antico Expo can be found in the design, or if you're a smart shopper with a few online companies in a significant reduction in the prices of their products local. Plank width is 3 1 / 2 inches to 5 years, running the standard 36 inches long.

This floor does not provide as Konetco easy to install, but a few interesting border design, imitation hardwood. Also used in copper and silver, can be added to any design and synthesis of metal like the accent. Board installed in the hallway, with a polypropylene adhesive, take a good substrate of a single cable, no effect.

The room is home "flooring choices," said the heart may be especially important. Your choice will depend on many things, from the easy way to maintain and clean the floor of the eye, how environmentally friendly you will, how easy it is to install, and anti-allergy ... plus property longevity of course, budget and cost.

With the development and the floor, today's choice is endless refinement. This is a discussion of their suitability for a summary of the main types:
Vinyl (PVC) - but as one of the 20th century, the reputation of 60 years, vinyl is still popular in the kitchen floor, because it is the maintenance of low cost, rugged, wear-resistant, thegenerally smooth. It feels even walk in the right location and a wide range, and in a variety of colors and patterns. It is a cheap product with a good life expectancy, as well as - for example, the modern versions are often more than the bear, but is printed on the surface of the old version of mosaics. Because it is waterproof, it is easy for a simple clean, damp mop to keep in good condition to make. However, it can be scratched by the sand and stones (or included) and the color and pattern can fade with time. However, it is still the first choice for a kitchen floor.

With more than 40 years the most popular flooring in North America many years of experience, hard to deny, vinyl flooring has many advantages. Despite a new floor, homeowners can now choose and decoration, vinyl flooring is still the first choice, not only because of cost, but also a wide variety and means it is very easy to maintain. If you still can not believe there is a vinyl floor in the selection, with many of the benefits of a body.
1) Quality Vinyl Flooring

Do you like any improvement or any other home purchase, you get what you pay. In this sense, there is very low - the quality of the market, vinyl flooring, and because it is the least expensive flooring option, you must be careful to speak, it must be looking for you to buy.

With this in mind, low-end vinyl will be very thin, a very shallow wear more than one place or experience supporting the vinyl. Low-grade vinyl patterns are printed on a rotary printer, and the largest is the clear layer of vinyl. This works less than 10 years, and in high-traffic areas, which tend to be broken or torn.

High quality vinyl with design and color penetrates the fabric and wear layer is much thicker - which is why many good vinyl manufacturers warranty their products for 30 years. This type of vinyl flooring is a great dirty agents, anti-scratch, and generally heavier.

2) Vinyl Flooring Installation

Another advantage of vinyl flooring, new varieties of flooring, you can easily install and change: vinyl support on the ground floor can be placed on the edge of plastic security only, and can tear through the border to break the seal and the replacement of the word. Otherwise, to peel and paste pre-installed with adhesive vinyl floor, ready to be put down.

If the owner of all you must do is to take drastic steps to submit, please tiles captured - no glue confusion, no problems. This process is the only major task is to ensure that the surface of the tile you are impeccably kept clean, an exact match to ensure. It is also more than the purchase of large vinyl sheet management, although the table may be relatively easy, as the template on the floor of the adjustment.

3) Vinyl Floor Care

The only need is a typical periodic cleaning or mopping vinyl floor. Barn vinyl flooring is not recommended, because they want to wear low undermine, let traces behind - but otherwise very easy dirt and mess to clean with a broom, mop or cloth. When sealed, the word is almost impervious water and water - the floor and form to avoid in the future to ask!

4) Other advantages of konecto vinyl flooring

Like the colors and patterns in the near-infinite number of choices, vinyl flooring with a feature that may be inexpensive the theme of a room, installing it complies, decorated in Your Shi Zhi You

Your best option is to go with a high quality - but luckily, is still low - the choice of vinyl flooring, at least in the last 30 years. As a result of ethylene production and is considered very harmful to the environment, choose a long-term vinyl is the most environmentally-friendly alternatives.